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Welcome Note by the Registrar/CE

On behalf of the Governing Council, Management and Staff, it is my pleasure and privilege to welcome you to Dental Therapists Registration Board of Nigeria. Established by Decree 81 of August 25, 1993 embodied in Cap D7 of the Laws of Federation of Nigeria 2004.

The Board which is a Parastatal of Federal Ministry of Health is a regulatory body for the professional practice of Dental Therapists, Dental Nurses, Dental Surgery Technicians (formerly referred to as Dental Health Technicians) and Dental Surgery Assistants was promulgated to specially perform functions that are geared towards promoting a healthy oral hygiene.

Her vision is improving and maintaining excellence in the practice of all professions under the Board.

The mission of the Board is to regulate the practice of its professionals in the most efficient and effective manner that upholds and protects the best oral health care delivery system in the country.

There are two types of registration:

A) Full Registration - Issued to qualified Professionals
B) Provisional Registration
Requirements for full time registration(Offline)
Online Registration

Register Online Click here to register as a professional online.

The Dental Therapists Registration Board of Nigeria (DTRBN) wishes to inform all cadres that the Board have decided to implement penalty for late Registration/Licensing of members of this profession and this will take effect from January 2010.
A graduate of Dental Therapy is expected to REGISTER with the Board as soon as he/she finishes the internship and writes Board examinations.

Failure to register with the Board within the year of Board examination will attract a penalty and 10% of the amount to be paid for licencing.

We solicit for your maximum co-operation in this regard.

Dental Therapists 1 – 5 years #7,000
Dental Therapists 6 – 10 years #10,000
Dental Therapists 11 years & Above #15,000
Dental Nurses 1 – 5 years #7,000
Dental Nurses 6 – 10 years #10,000
Dental Nurses 11 years & Above #15,000
Dental Health Technicians 1 – 5 years #7,000
Dental Health Technicians 6 – 10 years #10,000
Dental Health Technicians 11 years & Above #15,000
Dental Surgery Assistants 1 – 5 years #7,000
Dental Surgery Assistants 6 – 10 years #10,000
Dental Surgery Assistants 11 years & Above #15,000

Dental Therapists 2018 Upwards #10,000 Per Year
Dental Nurses 2019 Upwards #5,000 Per Year
Dental Health Technicians 2019 Upwards #5,000 Per Year
Dental Surgery Assistants 2019 Upwards #5,000 Per Year

Dental Therapist Registration Board of Nigeria