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The history of Dental Therapy profession dates backs to the pre-colonial era. High incidence of periodontal diseases and cancrum oris were prevalent and are still common in Nigeria. This was due to poor oral hygiene and lack of good nutrition in the early fifties. Thus, the ever increasing demand for oral healthcare led to an increase in the awareness of the importance and the use of preventive measure. This brought about the birth of Dental Therapy profession.

A team of dentists came from United Kingdom as a result of ever growing dental problems to find out the possibility of establishing a cadre that would be trained to complement the service of the dentists.


In 1958, a school was established by Miss Vera Mary Creaton, a Briton at No. 1 Broad Street, Lagos for the training of Dental Hygienists which later metamorphosis into the Federal School of Dental Technology & Therapy, Enugu-Nigeria.

In 1961, the school was granted accreditation which was renewable every 10 years by the team from Britain led by Sir Williams Kesley Fry.

A Dental Therapist is therefore a member of a Dental Health Team who provides therapeutical and quality dental care to various sections of the community at the three tiers of our Healthcare Delivery System vis-à-vis Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.


In 1986, the Nigerian Dental Therapists Association drew the attention of the Federal Ministry of Health to the need to establish a regulatory body for the control of the training and practice of Dental Therapy, Dental Surgery Assistants.

On 25th August 1993, an enabling Decree establishing the Dental Therapists Registration Board of Nigeria was promulgated via Decree 81 to regulate and control the training and practice of Dental Therapy, Dental Surgery Assistants.

Presently, the Board is located at No. 8A Oba Adeyinkla Oyekan Street, Off 2nd Avenue, Ikoyi-Lagos, Nigeria.

The board was located at Abule-Ado but due to expansion later moved to the present address (No. 8A Oba Adeyinkla Oyekan Street, Off 2nd Avenue, Ikoyi-Lagos, Nigeria).

Degree Award / Academic Certificate

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Higher National Diploma (HND)

Ordinary National Diploma (OND)


Opportunity abounds for dental therapists and dental surgery technician in public and private hospitals, clinics and dental health training institutions.


A seventeen-man Governing Board was inaugurated to over see the activities and operations of the Board


Our strength is in the caliber of Board Members who take prompt, effective decisions on relevant matters which are expressly executed by highly competent and motivated staff.


Part 1 section 1, subsection 2a-b of the enabling decree mandates the Board to: -

Determine the standards of knowledge and skill to be attained by persons seeking to become registered members of the Board.

Establish and maintain a register for Dental Therapists, Dental Nurses, Dental Health Technicians and Dental  Surgery Assistants.

Conduct Examinations and Award of Certificates.

Conduct Continuing Health Development Programmes for members

Promote Oral Health

Perform other functions deemed necessary for the practice of Dental Health Personnel.

Enforce professional ethics.

Other functions includes and not limited to: Indexing of Students, Registration and Licencing of Professionals e.t.c


Our overall objective is to standardize and regularize the training of Dental Therapists, Dental Nurses, Dental Health Technician-Clinical and Dental Surgery Assistants. To create an increased interest in the different dental health cadres through awareness campaign in Secondary Schools. To reduce quackery in the society.


Professional Board Exams

Stakeholders Meeting / Forum

Workshop / Conferences

Induction Ceremony

Accreditation Exercise

Outreach Programmes

Oral Health Week

World Oral Health Day