Welcome Note

Welcome Note by the Registrar/CE
On behalf of the Governing Council, Management and Staff, it is my pleasure and privilege to
welcome you to Dental Therapists Registration Board of Nigeria. Established by Decree 81 of
August 25, 1993 embodied in Cap D7 of the Laws of Federation of Nigeria 2004.
The Board which is a Parastatal of Federal Ministry of Health is a regulatory body for the
professional practice of Dental Therapists, Dental Nurses, Dental Surgery Technicians
(formerly referred to as Dental Health Technicians) and Dental Surgery Assistants was
promulgated to specially perform functions that are geared towards promoting a healthy oral
Such functions are and not limited to:
 To register and license Dental Therapists, Dental Nurses, Dental Surgery Technicians and
Dental Surgery Assistants
 To standardize and regulate the training of prospective professionals.
 To organise Continuing Development Programmes for the above mentioned
 To conduct professional examinations and award certificates to successful candidates.
 To organize induction ceremony
 To improve and maintain excellence in the practice of all the professionals under the
supervision of the Board.
 To enforce professional ethics
 To publicize the list of registered professionals
 To regulate professional practice
 To register and issue renewable licences to Dental Therapists, Dental Nurses, Dental
Surgery Technicians, and Dental Surgery Assistants.
 To determine the standard body of knowledge to be attained by persons seeking to
become members of the professions.
 To monitor and inspect the training and professional practice of members from time to
time and as circumstances may permit.
 To publicize the list of registered professional members and accredited training
institutions in the national dailies.
The mission of the Board is to regulate the practice of its professionals in the most efficient and
effective manner that upholds and protects the best oral health care delivery system in the
Her vision is improving and maintaining excellence in the practice of all professions under the
 Growing awareness about dentistry particularly preventive dentistry as a result of dental

 The Board ensures some degree of increase in the registration and licensure of
professionals to avoid quackery in oral health delivery system
 Consistent acquisition of quality knowledge in the Continuing Development Programme
by professionals has a greater impact in the effectiveness of oral health care delivery.
 Enforcement of professional ethics is yielding a positive impact on the general practices
of members.
Some of our programmes are routinely done, for instance, the registration and issuance of
licences to professionals, assessment of facilities in training institutions, monitoring the
professional practice of members, carrying out of dental outreach programmes etc. other
programmes are spread in all the four quarters in the year as contained in the yearly work plan of
the Board e.g. Continuing Development Programme, Induction of members, conduct of
professional examinations etc.
The implementation of programme such as review of curriculum is done once in a while and as
circumstances may permit.
The Board which works strictly with her Vision and Mission to maximize professional practice with best
healthcare delivery system in the country.
The Board is set to drive the practical fulfilment of the Federal Ministry of Health vision on
health care delivery system in Nigeria
We will provide leadership in promoting the machinery necessary to establish the right
conditions for our professionals under the purview of the Board, supporting quality research,
education, awareness and outreach efforts, enforcing industry regulations that will guide
Professionals and the public in mitigating poor oral hygiene, while providing national policy
direction in combating quackery and moving the country to a more healthy and safe oral health
care delivery system.
Thank you for taking time to visit our website, we encourage you to stay in touch. We will strive
to improve the design and content of the website, being work in progress.