Guidelines for Indexing
May 20, 2020
2021 Indexing
March 26, 2021

Guidelines For Examination


  1. Names of candidates MUST BE written in full;
  2. Names of candidates MUST BE LEGIBLY written in capital letters on the examination form as spelling mistakes will be penalized
  3. Abbreviation of names on the Examination form is not accepted.
  4. Candidates must have the Five (5) Credit passes in the Board’s required subjects namely; English, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  5. Candidates must have completed the Three (3)-years training for Dental Surgery Technicians and Four (4)-years training for Dental Therapy students in any of the Board’s accredited Institutions.
  6. Dental Therapy students must have completed the mandatory One (1) year internship training programme.
  7. Students School result must be forwarded to the Board on Yearly basis for follow up.
  8. Heavily pregnant women and nursing mothers should not be presented for the Examination.
  9. Examination malpractices will attract disqualification or prosecution in severe cases.
  10. Resit Examination not done after Three (3) Years will not be allowed to be done again.
  11. Resit Examination not pass twice will not be allowed a third time again.
  12. Non submission of forms on time of deadline penalty is disqualification.
  13. Non submission of final year result at deadline penalty is disqualification.
  14. Examination Malpractices- Penalty is disqualification.
  15. Extortion/increase in Board’s fee for examination is not allowed.
  16. Presentation of unqualified students or students that failed school internal examination leads to disqualification.
  1. Candidates will be penalized (-5marks each) during Practical session for the under listed;
  • Wearing of dirty, rumpled and stained clinical coat.
  • Keeping long finger nails.
  • Wearing flowing gown that goes beyond the ankle.
  • Keeping unkempt hair.
  • Wearing heel shoes/slippers.



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